Integrating Perfect Bathroom Features to Increase Home Value

Features to Make Your Bathroom Perfect

Customizing the bathroom and improving home can be maddening as there are so many choices that you can find on the internet. According to experts, if you are about to do customization of the bathroom, it is important that you have an inspiration. Bathroom remodeling and renovation are not just about putting elements that you see in the market. The process is about how you were able to unify the elements to come up with a unique design.

The essence of bathroom customization is distilling visual noise. If you plan to resell your home in the future, investing an average of $15,000 will pave way to more profit. Here are some of the perfect bathroom features that you can add on the customization project:

Home Improvement(1) Heated flooring: According to the survey of NKBA or National Kitchen and Bath Association, the most preferred flooring of homeowners is ceramic tile. This type of flooring is good looking, enduring and water proof; in short, it is a classic and will never go out of style.  

The range of ceramic tile’s cost is from one to twenty dollar depending on the color and style. Ceramic time will give you wider option that is comfortable for your wallet.   Most modern home nowadays have heated flooring thus adding to the value of your home. Before you hire a contractor who will install the heated flooring, please check some of the tips as advised by US Department of Energy.

(2) Walk in shower

American Institute of Architects conducted a survey and the result is saying that 60% of the people they asked said that curbless walk in showers are trendy. This type of shower is indeed a perfect aesthetic for your home since it is easy to manage and clean, safe for everyone and stylish.

If you have ceramic type of flooring then walk in shower is the best dovetail. The marketability of this type of feature is increasing because of the aging population. When doing this kind of renovation, make sure that you hire a professional contractor. The drain hole slope of this shower is situated below the shower’s surface so it should be done with great skills.

(3) Countertop made of quartz

If there is something that makes a modern home relaxed it is the natural stone. One of the natural stones perfect for countertops is the quartz. Modern designers innovated this stone until they come up with quartz with low VOC.

This stone has an edge from other materials like granite as it has the ability in resisting abrasions and stains. Also, bacteria cannot lodge in into its surface.

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