Picking A Janitorial Service Company In NYC, NY That Knows Best Practices In Hygiene

Combating Infections Related to Healthcare

Running a clinic means there is the need to employ best practices when it comes to hygiene. However, even small clinics are always too busy to take care of disinfection and more so if the hospital is big and has multiple facilities. In the United States, the presence of HAIs or simply called as infections related to healthcare is very common. Getting rid of HAIs is one of the duties of operating hospitals and small clinics. To make sure that this task is performed well, hiring an NYC, NY based janitorial service company is important. The internet provides endless data on this subject. Be that as it may, much of the information is no longer valid. Finding updated sources is a must to get quality data. For more information on janitorial services NYC NY, check our website.

On a daily basis, there is an average of at least one patient that is contracting HAI in every 25 hospitals in the US. By practicing good hygiene in the form of cleaning, your clinic can make a difference when it comes to prevention.

According to janitors or cleaners who are professionally trained to handle healthcare associated infections, here are some of the best hygiene practices that each clinic should follow:

Use of sanitizer and alcohol. All staff in the clinic should make sure to apply hand sanitizer before entering the room of the patient. It is also tested and proven that sanitizers with alcohol base (around 60% alcohol content) are more effective because they can kill bacteria and eliminate the possibility of contamination.

Cleaning before performing aseptic procedures. There are a number of these procedures like surgery tool handling, dialysis, insertion of catheters, IV, draining body insertion devices and many more. With clean hands, the aseptic procedure will surely prevent transient bacteria from transferring to the patient.

Cleaning after handling or exposing with patients. This is a common knowledge to most healthcare practitioners but it is highly advised that everyone in the room who has been exposed to the patient should also clean themselves. This is to protect the visitors from acquiring bacteria that are potentially passed on by the patient. Bodily fluids from the patients are usually contaminated so everyone is advised to always sanitize afterwards.

Aside from sanitation, do not forget to always change clothes to avoid getting the transient germs from the hospital rooms. Bacteria may cling on to chairs, bed railings, door handles, countertops and many more so you should make sure that your hands and your clothes are also well cleaned.

Best practices in terms of hygiene are one of the requirements when hiring a janitorial service company. If you are looking for a good practitioner here in NYC, NY, make sure to ask references from other existing clinics that are also utilizing the same service. Surely, you can find a lot of cleaners boasting to follow best hygiene practices online, but it is always different if the cleaner is recommended and highly rated by past and existing clients.