Red Flags to Notice in Houston, Texas When Looking for a Good Real Estate Company

How to Spot Red Flags on Real Estate Agents

real-estateWhen looking for a good real estate company in Houston, Texas, it is important that you know how to distinguish between those that are legit and those are not. Watch for these red flags when picking a real estate agent to avoid losing your money fraud agents and companies.

  1. The agent gives you the highest price of your property. When you’re selling a house, consider getting listing presentations from three different agents and check the prices they quote and how long your house will take to sell. If an agent or company prices your house too high for the market, prospective buyers won’t even check it.
  2. The agent does real estate on a part time basis. When you are looking for an agent, it is very important that you find someone who is actively engaged in the real estate market every day. Although part time real estate brokers or agents are also good, it is still best to find an agent who is always available to show your property to buyers.
  3. The agent is your relative. Experts say that hiring an agent who is your relative can breed resentment and could derail your transaction. This is because of the personal connection you have with each other. However, if your relative is a full time agent and specializes in the area, you should also consider hiring him or her.
  4. The agent does not have an idea about the real estate landscape of your neighborhood. It is vital that an agent knows the neighborhood especially when you are finding a house. This is because a house situated a block away can raise or lower the value of house. It is always said that real estate is a very local business.
  5. The agent gets a lower commision. In most cases, commissions are five to seven percent which is divided between the selling and the buying agent. Take note that if the commision of your house is lower than usual, there will be few agents that would show up.
  6. The agent shows you an online listing. Since the internet is now the most convenient and fastest way of getting online listings, you might get overwhelmed of the endless choices that you will have. Nonetheless, do not accept online portal’s recommendations without seeing the agent face to face.   
  7. The agent doesn’t usually market the type of your property. When you are buying or selling a fully furnished house, do not get an agent or a real estate company in Houston, Texas that rarely sells furnished houses.
  8. The agent is not good in negotiating or fails to keep up with the terms of the transaction. At its core, the work of a real estate agent is not really to find a home but to ensure that a sale is made and a deal is closed.  Only an agent who really knows what he or she is doing and is adept in the transactions involved can close a deal that is of a win win situation. Pick one that is experienced and trustworthy.

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