Tips To Prepare and Improve Your Home For Winter

Best Winter Preparation

Winter is coming and you are still thinking how you could protect your home from this cold weather. Basically, the freezing temperature of winter can ruin some parts of your house like the garage door, foundation, walls, and a lot more. However, there are many things you can do before the first snowflake falls to save your home and to make your family safe. Make sure to do home improvement.

It is necessary to check you’re your furnace first. If you are no expert you can hire a professional heating contractor to do the job. They will tune up the heat pump in order to reduce the risk of failure during winter. Aside from this, the contractor will clean the interior of the furnace, replace filter and check for any potential carbon monoxide leaks. However, there are some programmable thermostat in the market that are low-maintenance. Such case, you may not need the service of the contractor. Install on the rooms that are regularly being used.

Home ImprovementAside from heater it is also important to protect the windows and doors to prevent cold temperature from coming in. You can simply put inexpensive insulated liners. This will prevent the air leaks. Such case, comfort will increase and the usage of furnace will be lowered which is great help to cut cost electric bill. Check if the windows and doors is broken particularly the frames. If so, you need to replace weather stripping and caulk. It should be done inside and out.

You also need to inspect the roof, gutters and the window wells. Before winter comes, it is crucial to clean the gutters from leaves, debris, and other things that can prevent water from flowing. Install clear, plastic covers to provide additional protection to the draining system. You also need to replace any damaged shingles. After winter the rising temperature will melt the ice, therefore if there are any damage to your roof or gutters it may form a dam. If the water become stagnant it will damage the structure. By fixing and cleaning the roof and gutters the water will safely drain off the roof. Make sure that the foundation is also in good condition to hold the excess runoff of melted ice.

It is also important that you will maintain the basement. Make sure that it is properly and perfect dried. Do a thorough inspection before fall end. Include the walls and the floor of the basement. Look for excess moisture or cracks with water infiltration. You find cracks you should use fix it right away even if it just a hair crack. Concrete coatings, sealers, paints and panels are the most common thing to use to prevent further cracking. Do this before winter, make sure to do it right because the temperature may affect the size of the crack. It may expand which may cause damage to your home. This crack can cause severe water leaks when the ice melts down.

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